Practice: Top WiFi in building with PoE


WLAN coverage in the building in top quality (very high performance and availability) and with central management.


Broadband connection with 550/50 Mbit was distributed from the building basement to all floors with the help of technology. The G4224 switch with PoE was used for this.

The WLAN mesh system is based on access points from Ubiquity.

Each access point received its own connection via the existing telephone cable. The performance-reducing WLAN repeater mode was not used.

In addition, the internet connection and the entire WLAN solution were protected against power failures by a UPS.

Due to the lack of local power supply, the G4202TCP PoE modems were used for the supply line in the stairwell.

The modem transmits data and power to the access point via Ethernet cable with PoE.

G4201TM modems were used in the flats.

Each modem supplies the access point with data and with power via the PoE injector connected in between.

Ubiquity management:

Excellent overview and signal quality control.


Full bandwidth is available everywhere in the building.

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