Practice: Fiber optic distribution in a 12 party apartment house

Initial situation and objective:

The local fiber optic provider has installed the ONT’s in the connection room.

Here, the existing telephone lines must be used to forward the connections to the apartments. The cable lengths are up to 170m.

Solution approach:

Broadband connections of up to one gigabit are distributed from the respective ONTs to 12 apartments with the help of a G4224T Switch.

The G4201TM and G4202T EndPoints are used as clients.

Conversion ONT to

The ONT ports are first securely aggregated using a DrayTek Gigabit switch and transferred to the G4224T switch.

The connection between GIGA Copper G4224T and the DrayTek switch is made via a 10 Gbit/s SFP+ port. G4224T has a total of 2 SFP+ ports.

G4224T forwards the network signal via the telephone lines to the individual apartments.

Feed into the telephone wiring:

The telephone cables to the apartments are connected in the electrical cabinet.

Installation result:

The implementation was realized compactly in the economic area.

Performance of the technology:

The result is impressive: the capacity of each connection is around 1.6 GBit net.

All available rates from the Internet provider can be implemented without compromise.


Due to the so-called VectorBoost technology, a fixed bandwidth division is not necessary. Up to 80% of the available line capacity can be dynamically accessed in each direction (XPUT_DS_US). This technology is also called “virtual Gigabit” and is available for all our switches.

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