Gigabit in Apartmenthaus


Providing a 5-story 1400 square meter apartment building with Gigabit fast Internet.


The broadband connection of one Gigabit is distributed to 6 apartments with a G4200-8T Switch.

The G4202T modems were used as clients.



Connection to the apartments:

The connection was led out of the network cabinet using short Cat6 Ethernet cables and transferred to the telephone cabling in the apartments using an external patch panel.

If necessary, the telephone cables can thus be disconnected quickly and without intervention in the network cabinet.

Transfer rates in the Switch:

The technology was brought out to the maximum.

The values of the PHY DS/US column are to be interpreted as gross values of the total bandwidth on the route from the client to the switch. Net values are about 20% lower and in average 1.5Gbit/s.

Speed test in the most distant apartment:

The result is impressive: 940 Mbit/s the maximum net speed for Gigabit Ethernet.