Distribution of fibre glass access in the building



Distribution of a fibre optic connection from the basement into the living space.

Telephone wiring is available.


Glasfaser weiterleiten über Telefonkabel

Execution in the basement:

The internet provider places the fibre optic ONT in the basement.

The G.hn master modem is connected to the ONT with an ethernet cable.

ONT und G.hn Geräte

A TAE (telephone) socket is installed in the basement for secure wiring.

The 2-wire telephone line connects the basement and the living room.

G.hn Verkabelung

Execution in the living room:

In the living room, the G.hn client modem is connected to the existing telephone socket using the telephone cable supplied.

The Internet router is connected to the G.hn client modem via the WAN port using an ethernet cable.

No additional settings are necessary on the router.


G.hn Modem im Einsatz

The length of telephone cables in private houses is usually in the range of 30-50 metres.

G.hn Modem Bandbreitenaufteilung


With this cable length, the maximum bandwidth is easily achieved.

See also our FAQ's on cable length - bandwidth.


G.hn Vernetzung für Glasfaser Weiterleitung