Distribution of fibre glass access in the building



Distribution of a 1000/500 Mbit/s fibre optic connection from the basement into the living room.

The coax cabling of the parallel SAT system is used.



Glasfaser weiterleiten über Koax

Execution in the basement:

The internet provider places the fibre APL (in the picture on the left) and ONT (in the centre of the picture) in the basement.

The G.hn master modem (in the picture on the right) is connected to the ONT with an ethernet cable.

Glasfaser G.hn Geräteübersicht

Execution in the living room:

In the living room, the G.hn Client Modem is connected to the existing SAT/Data SAT/data socket using the Quickfix cable supplied.

The Internet router is connected to the G.hn client modem via the WAN port using a network cable.

No additional settings are necessary on the router.


G.hn Modem und WLAN Router


The full bandwidth of the fibre connection is made available in the house without any problems.

See also our FAQ's on cable length - bandwidth.


G.hn - Bandbreitenangabe