OnAccess G4224 – Ethernet with PoE for long distance connection over phone-/coax cable

The G.hn G4224 switch also uses the new G.hn Wave2 standard for data transmission over any type of twisted pair and coax cables. But this switch has a special feature - it can also supply power for its clients (G4202TCP) over the G.hn line - up to 600 meters away!

Each G4202TCP client can in turn supply power to other devices (e.g. WLAN access points or webcams) via its two Ethernet ports (PoE+ with 15W/30W up to 100 meters). A single G4224 switch allows the connection of up to 24 clients, they are distributed to 2 expansion cards with 12 ports each.

There are 3 types of cards: G.hn twisted pair, G.hn coax and with classic Ethernet technology. All three types of cards can be combined with each other. Up to 4 switches can be connected together to share power supply and load balancing.

Practical application:

  • The most common application scenarios for this technology are setting up a WLAN mesh with PoE access points or connecting IP surveillance cameras to the internal network.

G.hn Switch for Twisted-Pair or Coax

G4224 – for 24 Clients with PoE

  • 2 Slots for 2 cards with 12 * G.hn Twisted-Pair or 12 * G.hn Coax (BNC or F- Connector) or 12 * Ethernet Ports
  • each card offers 10 * 802.3at (30W) and 2 * 802.3bt (90W) over twisted pair/coax up to 600 meters
  • 2 * power supplies with 300 Watt each
  • 2 * 1000-X/2500-X/10000-X SFP/SFP+ Ports (i.e. for internet uplink)
  • 2 * 10/100/1000BT RJ45 Ports (i.e. for internet uplink)
  • 1 * RS232 Console-Port (RJ45)
  • 2 * SYNC BNC Ports for time synchronization with other headends
Specdata sheet


G.hn modem for twisted-pair or coax with PoE

G4202TCP - combined modem with power supply (PoE)

  • 1 * Combined G.hn Port (RJ45 Twisted-Pair or F-Connector Coax)
  • 1 * Power supply over G.hn or local USB-C Port (20V/3A)
  • 2 * 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet Ports (RJ45) with PoE+ (802.3af/at – 15W/30W)
Specdata sheet