Solutions Standard offers data transmission with gigabit speed over conventional telephone and coax cables. Setup is simple, fast and inexpensive.

The technology represents a perfect solution for many applications. Here are some examples.

Multi-dwelling buildings

Future-proof solutions for Internet providers

More about solutions for multi-dwelling buildings


In-house network

House or apartment network via existing TV/Telephone cable

More about solutions for In-house network


Hotels and large WiFi networks

Internet access for guests in the best quality throughout the building or in large areas More about hotel solutions

More about solutions for Hotels and large WiFi networks



Apartment buildings

Gigabit Internet in every apartment without laying new cables

More about solutions for appartment buildings



Connection of remote buildings

Expand your local network - easy and affordable

More about solutions to connect remote buldings


Long Reach IP Survilance

Fast data transmission and power supply with very long range over all existing copper cables

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