OnAccess G42xx-C – Network via  Coax-cable

OnAccess G42xx-C is based on the latest technology for in-house networking - G.hn Wave 2, which can use any type of coax cable, including the standard RG-6 and RG-59 lines.

The data transfer always takes place in the SISO procedure (2-200 MHz). The frequency range starting at approx. 240 MHz can be used for the provision of cable services. It is therefore possible to transmit both data and SAT TV channels (950-2250 MHz) via a coax cable.

In buildings, coax cables are often looped through from one TV/multimedia outlet to another. This feature is taken into account by G.hn technology - the master device (headend or modem as master) can communicate with up to 16 clients on one cable harness.

Practical application

The OnAccess G42xx-C series consists of two G.hn headends and several G.hn modems:

  • In the simplest case - if you want to establish a network connection between two points of a coax cable - two identical G.hn modems are sufficient. One of them takes over the role of the master, the other one - the role of the client.


  • If you want to build a network over several coax cables, it is recommended to use a G.hn Headends (alternative name GAM = G.hn Access Multiplexer).

    It always acts as a master and allows the connection of 6 coax lines (G4200C) with up to 16 G.hn modems per cable.

    For even larger networks several headends can be interconnected.

  • The G4224 headend, which is also available, has a special feature - it can supply its clients (G4202TCP) with power via the G.hn line simultaneously - up to 600 meters away!

    Each G4202TCP client can in turn provide power to other devices (e.g. IP cameras) via its two Ethernet ports (PoE+ with 15W/30W up to 100 meters).

G.hn Headends for Coax


Spec G4200C - for 6 coax lines (up to 96 clients)

  • 6 * G.hn EoC Ports, each port supports up to 16 clients
  • 1 * 1000-X /10000-X SFP/SFP+ Ports
  • 2 * 10/100/1000BT RJ45 Port
  • 1 * RS232 Konsole Port (RJ45)

Spec G4224 – for 24 Clients with power supply (PoE)

  • 2 Slots for 2 cards with 12 * G.hn Twisted-Pair or 12 * G.hn Coax (BNC or F- Connector) or 12 * Ethernet Ports
  • each card offers 10 * 802.3at (30W) and 2 * 802.3bt (90W) over twisted pair/coax up to 600 meters
  • 2 * power supplies with 300 Watt each
  • 2 * 1000-X/2500-X/10000-X SFP/SFP+ Ports (z.B. Uplink zum Internet
  • 2 * 10/100/1000BT RJ45 Ports (z.B. Uplink zum Internet)
  • 1 * RS232 Konsole-Port (RJ45)
  • 2 * SYNC BNC Ports for time synchronization with other headends


G.hn Modems für Coax


Spec G4201C

  • 1 * G.hn port (RJ11) SISO
  • 1 * 10/100/1000BaseT RJ45 Port

Spec G4204C

  • 1 * G.hn port (RJ11) SISO
  • 4 * 10/100/1000BaseT RJ45 Port

Spec G4202TCP - combined modem with power supply

  • 1 * Combined G.hn Port (RJ45 Twisted-Pair und F-Connector Coax)
  • 1 * Power supply over G.hn or local USB-C Port (20V/3A)
  • 2 * 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet Ports (RJ45) with PoE+ (802.3af/at – 15W/30W)

Spec G4204C-W - G.hn modem with 4x1Gbit port switch and und Wi-Fi 5

  • 1 * G.hn Wave2 Port (F-Connector)
  • 4 * 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet Ports (RJ45)
  • 2.4 GHz und 5 GHz 802.11 b/g/n/ac WiFi mit MIMO